This is the web site of The Vauxhall Society, a Civic Society, its main purpose is to be a collection of articles on local history of the Vauxhall Area of London. The articles originate from many sources including books, pamphlets, encyclopedias, and of course the Internet. No infringement of copyright is intended and if we have we apologize and will remove the offending article. I am sure that most of the existing articles can be improved so if you can add to or correct an article let me know .

If you are prepared to donate an article please let me have a copy together with any images so that I can add them to the website. Obviously images help make the site more interesting so if you have any that we can use please forward them. I promise to scan them in and return them as quickly as possible.

Please note: The Vauxhall Society welcomes suggestions as to new topics that may be of interest to the local population. As a voluntary organization we do not have the resources to undertake research into family history nor topics that are likely to be of little interest to anyone other than the enquirer, for example the previous occupants of a home with no known celebrity connection.