London Plan Index
London Plan Index

Written evidence from the Vauxhall Society
The civic society for the north of Lambeth (from and including Stockwell)and adjacent parts of Wandsworth and Southwark.
20 Albert Square London SW8 1BS

Matter 1: Strategy and Growth
Matter 2a: Quality of Life - London's People: education, health, employment, recreation
Matter 3a: Subregional strategy
Matter 3 submatter 3b: Central London subregion
Sub Matter 4a: Housing, statistical basis and capacity
Sub Matter 4b: Access to housing and affordability
Sub Matter 5a: Transport, Strategy and Priorities
Matters 5b: Transport, Parking Strategy
Matters 6a: General policies re development
Matters 6b: Specific sectors of the economy
Sub Matter 6c: Town Centres and Retail
Matter 7: Waste and recycling
Sub Matter 8a: Implementation mechanisms
Sub Matters 8b: Form and content and 8c Monitoring and Review
The Spatial Development Strategy for Greater London 'The Draft London Plan'2002 consultation response from the Vauxhall Society (This is the response originally sent, with the accidental errors corrected)