London Plan Sub Matters 8b: Form and content and 8c Monitoring and Review

Written evidence from the Vauxhall Society
The civic society for the north of Lambeth (from and including Stockwell)and adjacent parts of Wandsworth and Southwark.
20 Albert Square London SW8 1BS

Submatter 8b Form and Content
Question 8.4 Could the form and content of the draft Plan (including the maps and diagrams) be improved in the interests of producing a clear and succinct document?
Whole document, specifically Chapter 5 Parts 1-3 and 4 & 5

The maps are inadequate. Proper maps from which the areas and locations can be identified must be provided. These maps would only be useful as an indication to click on to arrive at proper detail in a website.

Submatter 8c Monitoring and Review
8.5 Are the targets, indicators and arrangements for monitoring progress towards the draft Plan's objectives appropriate?
8.6 What should the Mayor's programme for keeping under review the matters which may be expected to affect the development of Greater London, the planning of its development and the content of the spatial development strategy?

Whole document, specifically Chapter 5 Parts 1-3 and 4 & 5 Table 5.4 Key performance measures

The Vauxhall Society queries the need for growth. London is a world city and has a living and historic character which should not be compromised. Its position would be threatened by ill thought out and hasty development making it indistinguishable from a new high-rise canyoned megalopolis. We also query the likelihood of growth within the Plan's timescale and the wisdom of omitting a Plan B; absence of growth. We propose that there should be

Objectives 1-3 a range of growth related targets to allow for this
Objective 2 affordable housing targets set in percentage terms
Objective 4 targets for improving access to public transport for the disabled and less abled and burdened: for example 50% of underground and overground stations to be accessible to the disabled and less abled without requiring transport staff help.
Objective 5 Add:
Objective 6 Add: