New Covent Garden

New Covent Garden Market is the square building with a white roof next to the skyscraper in the middle of the photo Source: Stuart ? Clang! Sorry mate I have mislaid the note with your last name on.
In 1670 Charles II granted a charter to the Earl of Bedford to hold a market in the Covent Garden area. The market grew and grew till by 1961 the market covered about 30 acres in the centre of London with tremendous access problems. At this time The Covent Garden Market Authority was set up and in 1974 the market moved to a 68 acres site on land previously owned by British Rail at Nine Elms. The new market, designed by Gollins, Melvin, Ward and Partners, was opened at a cost of �40million. It is the premier flower, fruit and vegetable market in the UK with an estimated annual turnover of goods weighing over 1,000,000 tons.