Tintagel House

This very rare photograph is of the clearance of a site on Albert Embankment.
The site is now occupied by Tintagel House which is a Metropolitan Police
building and is the third building from Vauxhall Bridge going towards Lambeth Bridge.
Image thanks to Mr H Limes.

Tintagel House was built in 1960 on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall and let on a 125 years (head) lease to Galaplace Limited, who in turn leased the building to The Metropolitan Police. This skyscraper is 39 m (128 ft) high and has 7,435 sqm (80,000 sq ft) of office space on 12 (above ground) floors. The Met's Receivers Office moved from Scotland House to the new building in 1961 which also houses other HQ departments. On 22 May 1971 the 'Angry Brigade' (Britain's only homegrown urban terrorist group) bombed the building that at the time also housed computer equipment.

In 2001, at the end of two consecutive leases, the condition of the building had deteriorated and it was said to be in need of a major refurbishment particularly to the heating, ventilation and power systems. We understand that a new lease has been granted but it is not known if the refurbishment has started. On 17th April 2003 the Attorney-General to the Prince of Wales started proceedings against Galaplace seeking clarification of the rent review provisions of the head lease.