Here is a list of other people associated with the Vauxhall Gardens

Name Dates Occupation Connection
Carl Friedrich ABEL
1723 - 1787 Musician Played with J. C. Bach in the Gardens.
(Dr) Thomas ARNE
Dr Thomas ARNE
1710-1778 Composer Work regularly played in the Gardens. Best known for 'Rule, Britannia'
Johann Christian BACH
Johann Christian Bach
1735-1782 Music Master Wrote songs for and played in the Gardens
Sir Henry Rowley BISHOP 1786-1855 Composer Musical Director?
1740-1795 Writer Boswell commented, 'Vauxhall Gardens is peculiarly adapted to the taste of the English nation; there being a mixture of curious show, - gay exhibition, musick, vocal and instrumental, not too refined for the general ear; - for all which only a shilling is paid [this was raised to two shillings in 1792 after 'more expensive decorations' had been introduced] .And, though last, not least, good eating and drinking for those who wish to purchase that regale.'
Thomas Simpson COOKE 1782-1848 Irish Singer Musical manager of the Gardens
John Evelyn
1620-1706 Diarist John Evelyn's Diary of 2nd July 1661 notes "I went to see, the new Spring-Garden at Lambeth a pretty contriv´┐Żd plantation".
Thomas GLADWIN 1710-1799 Musician Organist
Hubert-François Bourguignon GRAVELOT 1699-1733 French engraver Engraved Francis Hayman's paintings for Vauxhall Gardens
George Frederic HANDEL
George Frederic HANDEL
1685-1759 Composer Music for the Royal Fireworks rehearsed in the Gardens on 21 April 1749
Francis HAYMAN 1707-1776 Painter Painting of decorations for the boxes and pavilions
James HOOK
James Hook
1746-1827 Musician Organist & Composer
Chrales Benjamin 1763-1826 Tenor Sang in Gardens
Peter MONAMY 1689-1749 Painter Involved with decorating the gardens
Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1756-1791 Composer Gave several sensational performances in the Vauxhall Gardens
Samuel PEPYS
Samuel Pepys
1633-1703 Diarist and naval administrator Pepys often visited the gardens and on 28 May 1667 described it thus: 'A great deal of company and the weather and garden pleasant. ..It is very cheap going thither, for a man may go to spend what he will, or nothing, all is one - but to hear the nightingales and other birds, and here fiddles and there a harp, and here a jews trump, and here laughing, and there fine people walking, is mighty divertising. Among others, there were two pretty women alone, that walked a great while; which [being] discovered by some idle gentlemen, they would needs take them up; but to see the poor ladies, how they were put to it to run from them, and they after them; and sometimes the ladies put themselfs along with other company, then the others drew back; at last, the ladies did get off out of the house and took boat and away.' On 27th July 1668 Pepys observed: 'How rude some of the young gallants of the town are become, to go into people's arbors where there are not men, and almost force the women - which troubled me, to see the confidence of the vice of the age: and so we away by water, with much pleasure home.'
Louis François ROUBILLAC 1695-1762 French sculptor Bust of Handel erected in 1738
1756-1827 Caricaturist Drawing entitled 'Vauxhall Gardens' (1784)
1664-1726 Dramatist and architect Wrote The Provok'd Wife which is set in the Gardens
1724-1790 Composer Had numerous songs performed in the Gardens