Vauxhall Station

Vauxhall Station
Vauxhall Station Entrance in South Lambeth Road

Proposed Bus Station
Proposed Bus Station with Railway Station in background

If anyone has any information about the history of this station please contact the webmaster at who is particularly interested in reports of a fire that destroyed the station on or about April 13.1856.

Blue Peter leaving Vauxhall
Blue Peter Train leaving Vauxhall.
Image thanks to Mr H Limes.

This photo was probably taken in 1966 and shows the A2 class Locomotive designed by Arthur H Peppercorn for the LNER and manufactured in 1948. It was originally named The Blue Peter after a famous racehorse, and under Bristish Railways was numbered 60532. Weighing in at over 161 tons this 4-6-2 had 6'2" driving wheels powered by three cylinders and a boiler pressure of 250psi. During trials in 1951 it achieved 100mph!

Restoration started in 1968 following an appeal in the BBC Blue Peter TV programme and was formally renamed in 1971 by the BBC TV presenters. Following further restoration work it was again renamed in 1991 by the TV presenters.

Vauxhall Station Mural

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Many visitors to this page will recall the ingenious design painted onto the long curved vault beneath the railway platforms. It consisted of four different anamorphic* images, which needed to be viewed from four different locations, marked in the floor. The main image, was a version of the classic "bent stick" British Rail (BR) logo. The mural was created by William Pye in 1986 but destroyed around 2002.

With grateful thanks to Dr Phillip Kent and his very interesting Art of Anamorphosis website

(* = An anamorphosis is a deformed image that appears in its true shape when viewed in some "unconventional" way.)